Thursday, June 4 – All Adults and Children Invited – Even if you are not in summer reading

Master Storyteller Mike Lockett will kick off our summer reading program on Thursday, June 4 at 6:30 at the Chenoa Methodist Church.  The library will close at 6:00 so we can prepare for Mike Locket’s performance.
“Dr. Michael Lockett is a teller of traditional tales in a non-traditional manner. Mike is a lifelong storyteller and has added writing children’s books to his bio .  Lockett has been telling stories for 40 plus years in his positions as a storyteller, teacher, principal, central office administrator and educational consultant.  Because he lives in the small town of Normal, Illinois, he enjoys being called “The Normal Storyteller.”  But, there is little that is NORMAL about Mike.  He brings high energy and creative uses of audio sound effects to his family friendly stories.” from his website.
Adults please come alone or with a child – even if you are not in summer reading.
This year we will have prizes for adult readers as well as the young ones.


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